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Welcome to Booktagger

Tired of cruising book stores trying to judge a book by its cover? Now you can ask those who've read it before.

Booktagger is an online bookshelf application to list the books you've read and to share them with others.

Site Features:

  • Discover books to read by browsing others' bookshelves.
  • List the books you've read and want to read.
  • Find people with similar reading tastes.
  • Keep track of books you lend.
  • Create book lists (scariest, funniest and best).
  • Build an online book club.
  • Review the books you've read.
  • Order books.

Latest Books Added

title: Handbook of Milk of Non-Bovine Mammals
author(s): Park, Young W., Haenlein, George F.W.
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title: Zoo Animal and Wildlife Immobilization and Anesthesia
author(s): West, Gary (ed.), Heard, Darryl (ed.), Caulkett, Nigel (ed.)
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title: Drive Business Performance
author(s): Aziza, Bruno, Fitts, Joey
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title: Frommer's Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island
author(s): Karr, Paul
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title: iMac For Dummies
author(s): Chambers, Mark L.
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